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On-Site Executive and Employee Health Assessments to Keep Sydney’s and Australia’s Top Workers in Top Shape

A proven successful methodology to help your high-level managers maintain the quality of health they need to deliver their best work is to organise regular, on-site executive health assessments in Sydney and Australia wide through EngageMe Get More.

EngageMe Get More provides the decision-makers you depend on, with in-depth, on-site executive health assessments and they never even have to leave the office.

Our on-site executive and employee health assessments are available across Sydney and Australia, and offer a variety of services that many people would neglect, if they were required to visit a number of various specialists to obtain them. We begin by compiling a detailed health history for each individual in order to identify existing conditions, uncover potential health risks, and discuss lifestyle-related issues. This information will be used in conjunction with in-depth physical examinations and biometric test results to develop a plan of action based on the needs of the individual.

After their screening is complete, each participant will receive a full report containing the results of their physical exam, a ‘health risk’ appraisal and general recommendations for achieving optimum health. We also assist you with your health and fitness goals by offering a number of health and wellness-related services including personalised nutrition plans, exercise programs, and stress-management assistance.

Your top executives and employees are a valuable asset, and one that is not easily replaced. EngageMe Get More can help your team stay healthy and productive for many years to come. Contact us and we’ll design a customised employee health assessment package that works with your staff’s busy schedule.