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On-Site Health Assessments Offer Prevention and Convenience

When people are provided with an accurate picture of their overall health, they can begin to initiate the changes they need to make in their everyday lives. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to fit regular wellness checks into their busy schedules. By offering individualized assessments in the workplace, employers can provide an effective springboard to building a healthier and more productive workforce. EngageMe Get More provides on-site services for people who care enough about the people who ensure their success to make an investment in their well-being.

If people are to realize their full potential in work and life, good health has to be the first priority. Injury and illness costs businesses billions of dollars each year due to absenteeism, medical treatment, worker’s compensation claims, and replacement worker training. An important part of maintaining excellent employee health includes offering regular health screenings which include a full range of assessments.

After being screened, each employee will receive a personalized report discussing their current health, as well as recommendations for improving their results for future checkups.

EngageMe Get More makes offering regular health and wellness assessments to your workers more convenient than ever. When you team up with us, we organize and conduct your on-site event in a way that fits in with your busy schedule and minimizes interference with your normal workday. Nothing could be easier than having the screenings your employees need delivered in-house by the EngageMe Get More team. Contact us today, and we’ll help you provide your workers with health and wellness services that make a difference.