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We Offer Corporate Yoga Programs in Sydney and Australia wide, Providing More than Just Physical Benefits

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that yoga holds immense benefits for mind and body; from increased flexibility and strength, to improvements in mood and anxiety. It is also believed to help manage high blood pressure and improve overall cardiac function. In addition, many people who practice yoga report that it provides relief from fatigue, sleep irregularities, and chronic pain, and can lessen the effects of depression. For these and other reasons, corporate yoga is an ideal activity for inclusion in workplace health and wellness programs.

The improved levels of fitness and agility that people experience when practicing corporate yoga can play a big part in preventing many workplace injuries from happening in the first place.

EngageMe Get More corporate yoga programs are available to all types of businesses and organisations.

EngageMe Get More brings corporate yoga programs on-site into Sydney and many other Australian workplaces so finding time to develop healthy habits is more convenient than ever. Because it requires little space and minimal equipment, corporate yoga is a suitable activity for any venue. Best of all, the work-life balance these programs promote is of great value to any organisation focused on maintaining of improving productivity. When you work with EngageMe Get More to design and implement your on-site wellness campaign you’ll get more than just exercise programs; you’ll obtain the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve made an investment in the future of both your employees and your enterprise.