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Workplace Workouts Hold the Key to Better Health and Increased Productivity

In today’s fast-paced workplace it takes a strong body and mind just to keep up, let alone stay productive.  Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to incorporate the exercise they need to stay on top of their game into their daily routine. As a result, they are less able to fight off fatigue, illness, injury, and other things that can intrude on performance. Offering Pilates as part of the normal workday is one way that employers can help to avoid many of these problems while also reaping great returns for a small investment.

Part of corporate Pilates popularity stems from the fact that it gets results. In addition to increased energy and fitness, practitioners regularly report a reduction in stress and greatly-improved focus. Whether problems arise from extended periods behind a desk, on foot, or engaged in heavy lifting, Corporate Pilates can help to prevent or alleviate many of the physical and mental complaints people experience due to the time they spend at work.

Employers benefit from offering corporate Pilates in the workplace because of the impact they have on levels of absenteeism, productivity, and employee morale. When better fitness becomes a regular part of company culture, employers spend less out of pocket in terms of sick pay, lost productivity, and the costs associated with frequent employee turnover. By offering programs like corporate Pilates within the workplace, you send a positive message that you care enough your employees’ health to invest in it.

EngageMe Get More specializes in providing on-site instruction in corporate Pilates and other fitness activities which allow people to embrace a healthy lifestyle that fits the way they live and work. Corporate Pilates is an ideal fitness activity for the workplace because requires minimal space and equipment, and can easily be adapted to suit everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. What are you waiting for? It’s time you started building a culture of wellness in your workplace. EngageMe Get More has what it takes to get you and your employees started down the path to better health.