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Workplace Fitness Equals Improved Health and Productivity

Corporate boot camps provide a fun and effective way to promote better health, improve team spirit and cooperation, and reduce the prevalence of conditions which can have a negative impact on your company’s bottom line.

EngageMe Get More brings health and wellness programs into the workplace in order to help companies stay productive.  Corporate bootcamps combine fitness programs with team-building activities to both improve individual fitness and develop a workforce that is stronger and better- prepared to face the challenges ahead them. It’s a proven fact that prevention costs far less than treatment, so investing in your employee’s wellness makes sense when compared to the cost of absenteeism, worker’s compensation, and the need to train new employees to cover for those who are ill.

Corporate bootcamps work best when they are tailor-made for the people who participate in them, so EngageMe Get More will work with you to assess the fitness needs of your workforce. In addition to physical fitness improvements our corporate bootcamps can help your employees handle problems related to stress, high blood pressure and other conditions in a fun and engaging atmosphere that will keep them motivated and coming back for more. Corporate boot camps are so successful because each day is different and participants receive encouragement rather than orders. When you choose EngageMe Get More, we’ll work with you to provide a unique boot camp experience that can help you to build a better business.