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Resilience 10, Stress 0 – Our Corporate Wellness Programs Help Sydney Workers and Australian Employees Triumph over Pressure

A little stress can be a good thing. It’s what helps us perform at our peak when we have to meet those important deadlines. Too much of it, however, can have negative effects on how we think and work. In high-stress working environments where everyone is under pressure, the effects on productivity can be devastating. One of the smartest investments an employer can make is in corporate meditation programs. EngageMe Get More designs programs that help employees tackle stress head-on before it has a chance to do its dirty work.

The frontal lobe of the brain is home to decision-making and analytical thinking. Unfortunately, when our body responds to intense periods of stress, up to 60% of this region goes into shutdown mode.

We offer corporate mindfulness training to Sydney and other Australian organisations that teach workers and employers how to work well, even when under a lot of pressure.

There are a number of ways to begin dealing with stress effectively:

  • simply step back and breath when stress strikes is one of the simplest ways to slow down the body’s reaction and build increased resilience
  • understanding how stress impacts the mind and body is also an excellent way to begin managing it more effectively
  •  effective time management skills and prioritization ability
  • mental coping techniques such as mindfulness
  • improved physical health

EngageMe Get More provides corporate meditation programs that are designed to help your workforce manage the effects of stress.