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Prevention is the Best Medicine

The Best Approach to Workplace Wellness and Injury Prevention is a Proactive One

Injuries and accidents are a possibility, no matter what the type of work your employees are engaged in. Whether seated at a computer or involved in heavy lifting, each job presents its own unique challenges. When accidents happen, the cost to businesses in the form of medical treatment, rehabilitation, worker’s compensation, lost productivity, and the engagement and training of new help can be considerable. In fact, work-related injuries cost the Australian economy in excess of $30 billion every year. The best way to avoid them is to keep them from happening in the first place.
While assessing the workplace for hazards is an important part of effective injury prevention, there is more employers can do to keep workers safe and productive. One of the most effective courses of action involves providing programs which help people stay fit and healthy. Determining how your employees work can help you to design activities that help them work safer and smarter. It is important to have individuals assessed in order to determine how their current levels of health, fitness, and flexibility correspond to the tasks they need to perform. In addition, preventative screenings can not only determine an individual’s fitness for certain tasks, but uncover existing or potential health risks.
More important than what people do is the way they do it. Some of the most common workplace complaints involve back and neck pain, range of movement issues, joint stiffness, and the stress of performing actions repeatedly. Whether a position requires long hours behind a desk, or the repetitive manipulation of heavy materials, appropriate strength, fitness, and posture are a necessity. For this reason, it is important to design health and fitness programs that work with the way people work. Many fail to eat and exercise properly because they find it difficult to incorporate into their already busy schedules. Employers can solve this problem by making health and fitness a regular part of company culture. Not only will this serve to improve wellness and reduce injuries; it can help to foster a sense of community that helps get people engaged and keep them that way.
Cardiovascular training, stretching, strength training and activities designed to improve flexibility are extremely effective ways to prepare workers to perform their duties safely and effectively. Diet and weight loss programs, and well as lifestyle training can also be useful ways to improve overall health and wellness as well. Massage therapy provides a proactive approach to treating minor discomfort before it can evolve into major problems. Because not all complaints are physical in nature, introducing relaxation and stress reduction techniques take an approach to wellness as it relates to the whole person.
EngageMe Get More provides the expert services companies need to maintain a workforce with the potential for peak performance. In addition to programs that target the physical and mental challenges that exist in every working environment, we also provide employees with the information they need to make better lifestyle choices. When you work with EngageMe Get More, you not only get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done everything you can to keep employees safe and healthy; you can also rest reassured that your workers know you care enough to put time and effort into their wellbeing.