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Fighting Fatigue Creatively

Working Better is as simple as Living Better

Fatigue and its effects have become a real concern for both workers and employers. EngageMe Get More offers a variety of strategies which can be used to combat its effects on the workforce.
A number of health and safety issues may be attributed to work-related fatigue. Adults typically need at least 7-8 hours of continuous sleep per 24-hour period in order to maintain good health. However, when people fail to get adequate rest over an extended period of time the cumulative effects can be both physical and mental. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to obtain even this amount of sleep, and as a result, safety and productivity suffer.
While reduced productivity and the increased likelihood of work-related accidents are an obvious downside, sleep debt can also have a number of long-term effects. Studies show that individuals who fail to get enough rest are at greater risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. This is largely due to the fact that many people find it difficult to eat properly and get enough exercise because of their busy schedules. The problem can be especially acute among shift workers and those whose jobs require them to keep unusual hours. In addition to the conditions listed, overly-tired workers are also at risk of being involved in driving accidents when they leave the workplace.
Fatigue can affect different “types” of workers in different ways. Individuals who spend the majority of their time seated behind a desk frequently develop carpal tunnel, back pain, or other conditions resulting from poor ergonomic practices. Those whose jobs demand greater physical exertion may find themselves at risk of work-related injuries and accidents. Some work tasks may put people at risk of sustaining repetitive-motion injuries. Keeping this in mind, solutions for combating fatigue and its effects may take a number of different forms.
Good nutrition has an enormous impact on health and wellness, so employers should encourage healthy eating on the job, as well as provide easy access to healthy food options in the workplace. Exercise not only contributes to overall wellness, but helps to regulate sleep, hence work-based exercise programs are an excellent way to make it convenient for workers to improve both health and focus.
Because tackling workplace fatigue can seem like a daunting task, EngageMe Get More is here to help. We know what it takes to help employers transform your current workforce into a healthier and more productive body. Our expertise can help you implement in-house programs designed to help workers live healthier and happier lives. From exercise and education programs, to nutrition and life coaching we’ve made it our mission to help employers and employees meet their full potential.