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Keeping Top Performers at their Peak with Executive Health Coaching in Sydney and other major cities

The executive team is an integral part of what keeps a successful company productive and moving forward. As managers and directors are under pressure to maintain a healthy bottom line, time pressures often causes them to let their own well-being concerns go unaddressed. EngageMe Get More offers a wide range of executive health solutions to Sydney management teams and to other Australian directors. We provide our clients with a comprehensive assessment of their physical and psychological well-being. Our goal is to help your management team understand their overall condition and improve their well-being in the future. We help our clients better manage stress and work at their optimum performance levels. Our services and medical check-ups can provide people with the information they need, to ensure their mental and physical well-being are take care of.

The EngageMe Get More executive health solutions:

  • Help uncover potential health risks amongst your leadership team
  • Assist them embrace healthier lifestyle changes
  • Highlight poor physical and mental health of your executive and negates a significant risk to your business financial situation.
  • Improve retention of your executive team

After the completion of their initial executive health check, your leaders will receive:

  • a confidential report containing information about their current state of well-being
  • recommendations; and an
  • EngageMe Get More assistance program for improving future results.

A vigorous management team assists the company in achieving its financial milestones. Contact us and we’ll help you get your executives started on their journey towards leading healthier lives.