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When No One Wins

Employee Health, Wellness and their Impact on Productivity and Performance

The most important changes an employer can make when it comes to human capital are not “work” related. They come from the investments you make in the health and wellness of your workforce.
The cost of poor employee health is higher than most people realize. It is costlier than any worker’s sick leave compensation claim or disability payment. The greatest health-related costs for any business come from lost productivity. This is unfortunate when you consider that many of the factors which contribute to it arise from conditions which could be treated or prevented with just a small investment in employee health and wellness.
While chronic pain, high cholesterol, heart disease, and serious injury have obvious impacts on productivity, many employers fail to take into consideration how things like job stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression affect an individual’s ability to realize their full potential. Increasing levels of obesity increase the likelihood of developing more serious conditions by as much as 50%. When combined with low levels of exercise, smoking, and other factors the effects on productivity (and profits) can be devastating.
While absenteeism has an enormous effect on productivity, the effects of “presenteeism” should not be underestimated. An individual may be at their work station every day without fail, but when illness or injury leave them unable to achieve perform at their peak, nobody wins. Employers are in a unique position to impact overall levels of employee health and wellness while boosting their bottom line. When your most valuable assets are human ones, investing in programs that keep them productive make good sense.
EngageMe Get More offers services which sow the seeds of better living in the minds of your workforce. Because we know that simply telling people how to live better does not guarantee change, we also offer tailor-made health and wellness programs which help those seeds mature into healthy lifestyles.
Every workplace is different, as are the needs of every worker. For this reason, EngageMe Get More provides health and wellness solutions designed to fit your business’ needs. From comprehensive assessments and nutrition programs, to a variety of exercise programs for those at every level of physical fitness, we take a bottom-up approach to better health.
Why wait when the solution to better employee health and wellness is right in front of you? It is possible to start improving the productivity of your workforce…today. EngageMe Get More can help make the people who make your business even better!