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Better Behaviour Equals Better Health

An In-House Approach to Healthier Living

When it is your workforce to manage, individual behaviours can have a big impact on how (and how well) you do business.

When workers are healthier, rates of absenteeism and “presenteeism” decrease.  It also means that you have less to worry about when it comes to maintaining and boosting productivity levels.

Underlying behavioural health initiatives is the desire to help people;

  • learn to make better choices.
  • Improve physical aspects of daily life,
  • affect their mental and emotional well-being for the better.

Workplace productivity can suffer due to problems which would otherwise only affect individuals, whether they stem from issues with;

  • weight management
  • smoking cessation
  • stress management or
  • substance abuse.

Employers are in a unique position to provide opportunities for change, while showing workers that they care about their health and well-being.  EngageMe Get More offers a variety of services which can be tailored to meet the needs of companies both large and small:

  • screenings designed to pinpoint the factors underlying certain behaviours
  • lifestyle coaching and
  • employee health challenges,
  • custom-tailored programs designed to be seamlessly integrated into your existing workplace culture.

Experience has shown us that the easiest way to encourage workers to take part in health and wellness programs is to make participation as convenient as possible.  We specialize in helping companies help their employees get started on their journey towards a healthier and more productive workforce.

Better health starts with better behaviour, and EngageMe Get More knows just what it takes to get you and your workforce started down the road toward better living.