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Sixty is the New Forty

Maintaining Peak Productivity within an Ageing Workforce

People are living longer than ever before and this means than many of us are working well into our golden years. It’s a simple fact that some tasks can become more challenging as we age. Fortunately, leading an active lifestyle is an effective way to keep functioning at peak levels for as long as possible.

Keeping ageing workers healthy and productive as long as possible makes good business sense. Many employers are concerned with how the capabilities of an ageing workforce may affect their bottom line. Investing in programs which promote healthy living is more effective (and cost-effective) than treating people for illness or injury which may reduce their productivity or end their working lives. As the saying goes “prevention is better than a cure”.

  • implement programs designed to improve the overall health and wellness of workforce.
  • adapt the work environment to better suit these employees’ needs
  • health screenings to determine individual’s fitness level and identify potential risks, so programs can be tailored to needs.

Activities such as walking improve cardiovascular fitness and reduce the risk of life-threatening, heart-related illnesses. Flexibility can become an issue as the body ages, yoga, Pilates, and massage treatments are excellent ways to help people maintain the sense of balance and range of motion.

Human capital is your most valuable asset.  Doesn’t it make sense to provide your employees with the opportunities and support they need to stay fit, healthy, and productive far into the future?