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Good Health is Great Business

Every year our economy loses a staggering $33 billion due to worker absenteeism, disability, and diminished productivity. To put this in perspective, consider how much you spend to find the very best and brightest and turn them into a crack workforce. Imagine what you may be throwing away if you neglect to make employee wellness a top priority. EngageMe Get More offers tailor made and cost-effective solutions that help to ensure that your human capital remains your most valuable asset.

Studies show that companies which invest in workplace health and wellness see absenteeism decrease by an average of 25%, while company-crippling disability expenses typically fall by as much as 24%. Perhaps most impressively, health and wellness programs can lower annual worker compensation costs by a staggering 40%. Simply put, every dollar spent on employee well-being translates to nearly $6 in savings. With returns like that, you can’t afford not to invest in a healthy workforce.

Often, individuals who display high health risks, and those who do not embrace active lifestyles can be difficult to engage. To assist in the process, we apply positive psychology techniques designed to motivate employee participation. EngageMe Get More programs assess individuals’ preparedness to adopt and maintain new, healthy behaviors. This makes it possible to provide strategies which have a positive effect on individual development.

Our programs include corporate health checks which provide employees with up-to-date health information while identifying areas of greatest risk. This allows us to make informed recommendations and design appropriate programs for both individuals and groups. Fitness programs involving activities such as yoga, Pilates, boxing, and running assist employees in improving personal health and well-being. Structured wellness challenges serve as another effective way to encourage participation and encourage the development of healthy lifestyles. All of these programs can be adapted to accommodate varying health conditions and fitness levels.

Because nutrition education is an important part of cultivating a healthy lifestyle, we provide instruction in areas such as healthy cooking and eating. Individualized food coaching assists participants in learning to make more informed meal and snack choices. Motivational materials serve as additional inspiration which help individuals maintain a healthier lifestyle. We may also review local eateries to determine the most healthy menu options.

The physical, mental, and emotional challenges of the workplace can make achieving and maintaining good health feel like an uphill battle. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. EngageMe Get More can help to significantly improve the health of your human capital, because we employ a common sense approach to wellness. Because our services are designed to maximize engagement and productivity, you can improve both workforce performance and your bottom line…one employee at a time. We know what it takes to make a healthier and more productive workforce. When you trust EngageMe Get More to handle your employee health and wellness programs, you really can Get More.