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Types of Wellbeing

According to Gallup there are 5 key areas that impact our wellbeing, overall life performance and engagement:

  • Career Wellbeing – are we working in a field that fires our passion?
  • Social Wellbeing – how we interact with others?
  • Financial Wellbeing – your financial security has more influence on your wellbeing than income alone
  • Physical Wellbeing – how much physical activity we undertake and what is the quality of the nutrition that we consume
  • Community Wellbeing – how we give back to our community

If there is a deficiency in any one of these areas it may lead to an overall reduction in our total wellbeing and ultimately how we engage with others and ourselves including our work environment.


 EngageMe Get More has a core focus on our clients Physical wellbeing.

EngageMe Get More is able to provide direction to our clients in the areas of Community wellbeing and Financial wellbeing.  We have partnered with Community organisations such as the SES where our clients can volunteer their services and time.  We have also partnered with a number of Financial planners who can assist our clients’ employees achieve their short, medium and long term financial wellbeing goals.

Our experience indicates that partaking in Physical wellbeing activities also improves social wellbeing.